Delightful Daisy Mother's Day card

I went to bed last night and woke up about 1 am with an idea for a card.  Daisies are my absolute favorite flower (my wedding flowers were all daisies).  Does this happen to you?  It seems that I get my best ideas late at night.  I just had to get up to see if what I envisioned would work.  I didn't make it last night but mistakes were made because I was so tired this afternoon.  Booboos happen all the time and are just another way to be creative in covering them up!  This is not exactly how I imagined it but it is close.  We'll be making a similar card for my Mother's Day card class on May 4.


This card uses a lot of new products which will be available to you on June 1 when the new catalog comes out.  Directions and printable instructions can be found here  

I'm pleased with how this card finally turned out.  Enjoy!

Product List